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McDowell Sonoran Preserve Access Maps

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McDowell Sonoran Preserve Access Area Maps


Because primary objectives of the Preserve are to maintain the mountains and desert in a natural condition, to preserve habitat for wildlife and desert vegetation, and to protect historical and archeological resources, some parts of the Preserve may have limited or no access. Other parts of the Preserve are being made accessible for passive (non-motorized) recreational uses (hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and rock climbing). The goal is to give residents and tourists easy access to a unique Sonoran Desert experience without compromising the long-term preservation of this unique desert environment.

access area plan was approved by the City Council in 1999 and is being implemented as quickly as land acquisition and construction funding allow.

There are 10 access areas planned and approved. Several are now receiving limited use, although improvements such as parking and restroom facilities have not yet been built.
Construction is starting on the Sunrise Access Area near Via Linda and 144th St, and is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2004.

Click here for a more detailed description and a map of the present and planned access areas(244 kb pdf file)